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About Kalioundji Group

Kalioundji Group operates in Lebanon, Egypt and the USA

Kalioundji Group started in 1970 in the agricultural business.

Since 1975, JK Construction built more than 50 residential, commercial and Industrial buildings in the city of Aleppo. 

In 1980, KalCo Eggs started serving eggs and maintained over the years its position as the largest egg producer in Syria. 

in 1997, Kalioundji Group got into the production of packaging material (Flexible Packaging); it was the first of its kind in the region; this business was moved to Alexandria Egypt in 2013 and started operating as Roto Star.

In 2003, Elegance Confectionery started producing cream wafer products and expanded into biscuits in 2007. Rapidly Elegance became one of the leading producers of biscuits in the region. In 2012 Elegance relocated to Lebanon.

In 2014, Kalioundji Group expanded its operation in Egypt to the production of printing inks.

In Lebanon, a state of the art biscuit production line was installed in 2013 and started producing the famous Stars biscuit.

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